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Replacing From Search

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Access the Search Log to quickly add rules.

What is This Feature

With the replace feature of the WordPress Search Engine Plugin, whenever a user searches for a certain word in the search bar, that word will be replaced with another. 

Accessing Feature

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Search Tools → Dashboard.

Navigation to the dashboard - WordPress Search Bar Plugin
Navigation to the dashboard

All settings are found within the tab Replace Dashboard.

Adding a Replace Rule

Adding a replace rule - WordPress Search Suggestions
Adding a replace rule
  1. Enter the keyword on the left field (for instance "Table of Content").
  2. Note - The match has to be exact. So, with this rule, the term will be replaced only when it matches.
    1. Table of Content → Will be replaced
    2. Tables of Content → Will not be replaced
    3. Table of Contents → Will be replaced, because the rule will be applied before the last "s" is considered
  3. Enter the new term (for instance "TOC")
  4. Save changes

You can add as many replace rules as you like. Click Delete to remove a rule, but be aware that there is no confirmation.

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