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Ban From Search

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Each time a search is blocked the user IP address is logged. You can easily block it from the Banned IPs dashboard of the WordPress Search Engine Plugin. Learn more: Checking and Adding Banned IPs

What is This Feature

Ban negates searches of specified terms, either displaying a customizable denied message or redirecting the user.

Front-end example - WordPress Search Suggestions
Front-end example

Ban Feature Rules

Head to Admin DashboardCM Search ToolsSettings to configure how the ban rules work.

Banned settings - WordPress Search Form Plugin
Banned settings

The settings define what happens when users search for a banned term.

  • Banned Search Result - Choose between:
    • Show Error Message - Displays a customizable message to the user
    • Redirect - Sends the user to a specified URL
  • Banned Message - If Show Error Message is chosen, you can customize the label. The default is 'Unsupported Search Term".
  • Banned Redirect Url - If Redirect is chosen in the first setting, you can specify where the user will be sent to
  • Ban Empty Search - Choose yes to add a rule to ban empty searches

Adding a Ban Rule

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Search Tools → Dashboard.

Navigation to the dashboard - WordPress Search Plugin
Navigation to the dashboard

Check the Banned Dashboard to manage rules.

Adding banned rules - Search Engine Plugin for WordPress
Adding banned rules

Enter the terms on the left field and save changes. Terms can be any combination of words.

You can add as many rules as you like. Click Delete to remove a rule, but be aware that there is no confirmation.

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