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Creating a Custom Theme

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Use Child Themes Or Changes Will Be Overwritten

When you update a parent theme, the folder with template files created for the CM plugin will be deleted.

However, if you are working with a child version of that theme and update it, the files will not be deleted.

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Advanced Process

Editing or creating a template can be complex and requires some CSS and JavaScript knowledge.

Learn some general tips: General Support - Advanced - Creating and Editing Custom Templates

With CM FAQ, admins can create a custom template for the FAQ page.

How to install a custom template

  1. Copy the frontend folder
    1. Navigate to the WordPress directory → wp_content → plugins → cm-faq-pro → views and copy the the folder frontend.
  2. Place folder inside CMF
    1. Go to the wp_content → themes folder
    2. Find the active theme which one you want to customize
    3. Add the folder CMF to it
    4. Paste the frontend folder inside
    5. The path should looks like this: wp_content/themes/your_active_theme/CMF/frontend

Back-End Settings

Navigate to the  Admin Dashboard → CM FAQ → Options

Head to the Template tab. After creating your own template and creating a directory for it, the directory name will appear in the dropbox Default template. Each template needs to include several files and follow the directory structure as the default template. Choose the template and click Save Changes.

Customizing template

After copying the files and creating a new template you will probably need to customize it to suit your needs.

To customize template, open the files you copied to the current theme folder.

More information about the CM FAQ WordPress  Plugin

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