CM FAQ (CMFAQ) - Plugin Options

Editing Plugin Options

To edit general plugin options, click Options in the plugin tab. 

In the plugin options tab, you can edit several aspects of the plugin:

  • Choose which categories are shown on the FAQ index page. If you don't select all of them will show up

  • Change the number of questions shown on the index page. if there are more questions is a specific directory a link will show up at the bottom of the list

For example, specifying 3 shows 3 questions under each category: 

  • Also choose how many words are displayed in the answers shown when you click on a category. 

For example, specifying 55 words shows this amount of text in the answer section. 

  • Choose whether related questions are shown when two or more questions have the same tag. 

  • Choose whether to show the first line of an answer in the search results. 

Resetting Plugin Options

Above the options tabs is a link to show plugin reset options. 

Clicking on this link shows buttons to restore plugin options to default and remove all category icons. 

To remove specific category icons, go to the category page and click "clear." 

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