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FAQ Shortcodes

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  1. to display FAQ with all categories use[cm_faq]shortcode,
  2. to limit displayed categories in FAQ only to associated with selected list uselistattribute with name or slug of the list (e.g.[cm_faq list=list1]).

Questions List Shortcodes

  1. to display a list of all questions use[cm_faq_all]shortcode
  2. to limit displayed questions only to associated with selected categories usecategoryattribute with name or slug or list of names or slugs of the categories (e.g.[cm_faq_<wbr>all category=category1,category2,.<wbr>..]),
  3. to order displayed questions useorderbyattribute withvotingortitlevalue to order by voting or question title (e.g.[cm_faq_all orderby=voting]or[cm_faq_all orderby=title]),
  4. you can mix shortcode attributes (e.g.[cm_faq_all category=category1,category2,.<wbr>.. orderby=title]).
  5. you can limit the number of displayed questions since it is is not done by default (e.g. [cm_faq_all number=10])
  6. use accordion attribute with 0 or 1 value to specify the accordion appearance of QA list items. If set active (1), it can overwrite general appearance settings and is configured via tab option Appearance > Accordion. You can choose separate icons for collapsed and expanded view and change the icon size. More information can be found here.

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