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Notification Emails

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A lot of the process of the Order Approval extension happens in emails between the person Requesting the Approval and the person Granting it or Proceeding with the Order. Below, there are the basic stages of notification emails sent by Order Approval Manager.

Order Request Notification Email

The First email to go out is the Request email for the Order requesting that the Payer proceeds with the order.

It carries the store logo, explains that someone has made an order and is requesting that they approve and pay for it, contains links to either go to the store and complete the order Complete Order or else cancel the order then and there Cancel Order.

Other key information is provided relating to the order:

  • Billing and Shipping Addresses
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method
  • Order Number
  • Items ordered, price, quantity, SKU.
  • Grand total

Once the Payers click on Complete Order, they will be redirected to the checkout page of the store. Here they can choose to log in or continue as a guest to proceed with the order.

If they choose Cancel Order the order will be automatically cancelled. They will be redirected to the store but instead will see a success message informing them that the order has been cancelled.

At the same time as the Order Request email being sent to the Payer, an email notification will be sent to the Requester informing them that the request has been sent.

Order Completion Notification Email

This is how the successful completion of the order looks if the payer completes the order:

The Requester also will be notified if the order is placed:

Order Cancelled Notification Email

If the Payer decides to cancel the order both the Payer and the Requester will receive notification emails informing them of the successful cancelation.

The Requester will get the following notification:

If the payer cancels the order, the following notification will be sent:

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