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You can access the main configuration by clicking on STORES → Configuration → Sales → Payment Methods. Then open up the Order Approval Payment Method section.

  • Enabled - enables or disables the Order Approval extension functionality. The option Yes is set by default.
  • Debug - activates the debugger for the Order Approval extension, which generates a log file to report on errors that occur. No is chosen by default.
  • Title - allows you to change the title "Order Approval Payment Method" on the checkout page.

  • Who will approve the order - defines who can approve the orders. There are two options:
    • Customers. It means the customers can select one of the payment methods including Order Approval.
    • Admin. If this option is chosen, all payments will be removed during checkout and only the Order Approval method will be available.The customers can select the Order Approval method on checkout only and the approval e-mail will be sent to the admin. If the option is chosen, you will be able to select an Email Receiver in the dropdown.
    • Group Manager. Choose from list seen under Customer → Customers Group → Selected Group → Group Manager Email 
  • Reminder Intervals - determines the amount of time between each reminder that will be sent to the Payer after the order has been created. The entered values should be set in hours and separated by a comma. The reminders won't be sent if the field is empty.
    • For example, inputting " 1,6,12" will trigger three reminder emails:
      • 1 hour after the order was created, 
      • 6 hours after the first reminder,
      • 12 hours after the second reminder.
  • Pending order lifetime - determines the length of time an order that has been created but not approved or paid for. The value must be set in hours.
  • Automatic Order Cleaning
    • Enable Automatic Order Cleaning - if pending orders that have not been approved or paid for within the time outlined in the Pending order lifetime field, the Order Approval extension will clear out these pending orders.
    • Automatic Order Cleaning Time - sets the time of day when Automatic Order Cleaning will occur at.
    • Automatic Order Cleaning Frequency - sets how frequently Automatic Order Cleaning occurs. The options are Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

After you make all the changes, remember to Save the settings.

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