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The Credit Line extension for Magento 2 is aimed to help customers complete purchases by using a store credit line payment method. Your customers can easily top up their balance from the Dashboard, manage their credit lines and track its history. As the admin, you are able to set a credit line for specific customers or customer groups, add a store credit line to checkout, and more.

Configuration (Admin Panel)

Here you will find the main settings allowing the admin to limit a credit line value, set a payment reminder, configure email notifications, and more.

The general settings are available following STORES → Configuration → CMINDS → Credit Line.

General Settings

The following settings are available:

Enabled - enables or disables the extension functionality.

Credit Line Value - sets the amount of credit to be given to users who are allotted credit (in the store's currency). $1000.00 are set by default.

Credit Line Term - allows specifying the number of days for repaying used credit.

Payment Reminder - sets the frequency with which the user will receive email notifications reminding them to pay their store debt.

The following options are available:

  • Once a month - sends a reminder once a month.
  • Every X days - sends a reminder in a specified period of time. 30 days are set by default. Once this option is selected, the additional input box Number of Days between reminders is shown.
  • Manually - sends a reminder manually. Click on the Send Repayment Mail to send an email notification.
  • No need to repay - disables a reminder.

Send Repayment Mail - button, if you want to send notifications to customers manually, click this button. Otherwise, the notifications will be sent according to the set configuration above.  

Customer Groups with Enabled Credit Line - choose which customer groups are allowed to use Credit Line. You can select multiple groups by holding Ctrl on Windows or Cmd on Mac.

Share Customer Balances - to merge non-base currency balances into base currency balance, you can use the following console command bin/magento cminds:creditline:merge-balances.

  • Enable Refund To Credit Line (default value for credit memo) - you can allow or disallow customers to give a refund once the order is canceled.
  • Auto apply Credit Line for a shopping cart - enables or disables using of Credit Line for customers in the shopping cart.
  • Enable Sending Credit to Customer - enables or disables sending credit to customers. No is set by default.

Email Notifications Settings

Here you can specify the settings for email notifications.

  • Payment Request Email Sender - allows choosing an email sender in the list. General Contact is selected by default.
  • Payment Request Email Sender Name - allows entering a sender name.
  • Payment Request Email Subject - allows entering an email subject.
  • Enable balance update email - allows sending an email once the balance is updated.
  • Template of Balance Update Email - allows choosing an email template from the list. Balance Update (Default) is set as a default email template.  

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