Credit Line (M2) - Checking And Topping Up Balance (Frontend)

Checking Current Balance

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The user can check the current balance of Credit Line on the customer dashboard. To do this, the customer needs to go to the Customer Dashboard and click on Account → My Credit Line.

Your Credit Limit Is - the maximum amount of credit that the customer can use on the store.

Current Available - the amount of credit that the customer currently has available to them to spend on the store.

Your last payment - shows the sum and general date (YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS) when the customer completed the last payment.

Paying Off and Topping Up Credit Balance

When customers have reached their credit limit, they will need to top up the balance/pay off the debt to continue using the credit line to pay for items on the store. To do this, there is a special section Select a Payment Method for making repayments on the MY CREDIT LINE page.

  • Total Balance - the customer will pay off the full amount. This radio button is selected by default. The amount will be specified in brackets.
  • Other Amount - the customer can enter a custom amount and top up the balance.

Once the necessary option is chosen, the customer clicks on the Make a Payment button which will redirect the client to the shopping cart page.

The Credit Line repayment will appear just like a normal item on the checkout page. If there are other items in the shopping cart, when the customer goes to pay off their Credit Line debt, they will appear listed along with CREDIT LINE.

Depending on the method of payment chosen the customer may require the store admin to process the payment further before the credit balance is restored.

Previous Credit Orders

The customer can track the history of credit orders or view orders via a separate table on the My Credit Line page.

The following columns are available:

Order - shows titles for orders or order ID. The order ID is clickable and redirects the customer to the list with ordered products.

Date - shows the date when the order was placed.

Credit Balance - shows the current customer's balance.

Credit Balance Change - shows how the amount are changing.

Action - shows how the order was made.

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