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Credit Line Settings for Individual Customers

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It is possible to determine different credit line settings for different customers. The following settings will override the default settings causing exceptions for specific customers.

To configure Credit Line for individual customers, go to CUSTOMERS → All Customers → {select a customer} → CUSTOMER INFORMATION → Credit Line.

The Credit Line Settings for customers are inherited from the general settings. Thus you can set the individual configuration per customer within their profiles. There are two sections allowing to configure the balance and the credit line settings.

Balance Information

You can see the current customer’s balance in the Customer Balance section. You can also change the balance by adding a new transaction. Click on the Add New Transaction button and you will be redirected to a separate page.

Add New Transaction

By adding a new transaction you are changing the customer’s balance. The extension allows topping up or subtracting a certain value. You can find the following settings:

Customer - shows the customer name and email.

Credit Balance Change - allows entering a credit balance change. To subtract the amount, put a minus before the value. To top up the amount, just enter the value into the field. The field is required.

Additional Message - allows adding an additional message. The field is required.

Currency - allows selecting a currency in the drop-down. If you want to add a new currency to your store, please refer to the official Magento 2 User Guide.

Credit Line Settings

This section provides the following settings:

Credit Limit - specifies the credit limit per customer. For example, 10 credits = 10$.

Credit Term - specifies the number of days for repaying a used credit.

Customer Balance - shows a current balance of credit used by this customer.

Repay credit Balance Manually - button, allows the admin to repay the customer’s balance manually.

Send Invoice - sends an invoice after a specified period of time. The following options are available:

  • Once a month - sends an invoice once a month automatically.
  • Every X days - sends an invoice in a specified period of time. If the option is chosen, a separate input box will appear. You can enter a necessary value into the Credit Email Reminders field. 30 days are set by default.
  • Manually - if this option is chosen, click on the appeared button Send Repayment Email Manually.
  • No need to repay - a reminder won’t be activated.

Default Settings - shows you the paths where the general settings are available STORES → Configuration → CMINDS → Credit Line.

Revert customer to default settings - resets all the custom individual settings and inherits the global configuration.

List of Transactions

Below the settings you can find the table with all the transactions applied to the customer. Thus you can track what, when and what value was added or subtracted. The following columns are available:

Transaction # - displays the transaction ID.

Purchase On - shows the date and time when the transaction was completed.

Balance Change - shows how the customer’s balance has been changed. If the balance is increased, the value will be highlighted with a green color and a plus before. If the balance is decreased, the value will be highlighted with a red color and a minus before.

Balance Refill - shows the current balance.

Action - shows how the transaction was made. The following actions are available:

  • Manual - the admin completed the transaction.
  • Used - the customer used the money on the balance to make purchases.
  • Refill - the customer refilled the balance.
  • Refunded - once the customer paid by using a credit line and the order is canceled, the whole sum of money will be refunded to the balance.

Order - shows an order the customer used the balance for. Except this different comments can be added to this column.

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