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Stripe Configuration

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Starting from version 1.5.0, MicroPayments supports Stripe Payout. To use it, you must:

  • Add your credentials to the plugin
  • Use the shortcode [cm_micropayment_points_to_stripe] on any page 

Learn more below:

What You Need From Stripe

Note that these steps depend on Stripe and may change. If you think this section is out of date, please contact us.

  1. Create a free Stripe account. You'll get access to test API Keys
  2. Head to your profile and fetch your account ID
  3. Head to the API Keys page and fetch the "Publishable key" and "Secret Key".
  4. Confirm your email and activate your account to get access to live keys. You'll find them in the same screen.

Finding the Settings

Go to the Admin Dashboard → CM MicroPayment → Settings.

Then select Stripe.

  • Test Mode - Choose if you are in live or test mode.
  • Points to currency ratio - For example, inputting "10" means that each 10 points are worth 1 currency unit. So 50 points would be $5.
  • Stripe email - Your account email.

Add the keys to the respective fields below. 

  • Live Publishable key / Secret key / ID- Add the live keys here.
  • Test Publishable key / Secret key / ID - Add the test keys here.

Applying the Shortcode

Add the shortcode  [cm_micropayment_points_to_stripe] to any page, as shown:

And you'll have access to the Stripe Payment:

Adding Connect Button

Add the parameter connectbutton to the shortcode to help users connect with Stripe. It will include a message and the link.

Shortcode with attribute:

[cm_micropayment_points_to_stripe connectbutton="1"]

Translating Text on the Front-End

The plugin has three translatable labels related to Stripe.

To learn more, check: Getting Started - Labels (Choosing The Point Name, Translating The Text Users See)

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