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Transferring Points Between Users

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To transfer points between user wallets directly (give someone points) you have to create a page with the shortcode:

Shortcode:  [transfer_wallet_points]

Description: Shows the form which allows to make a transfer of points from your own wallet to the other wallet with the known ID. Of course only the amount of points lower or equal to the amount of points available on the wallet can be sent.

To transfer the points:

  1. If you are not logged in, paste the "From Wallet ID" (this field will not appear if you are logged in and have an assigned wallet). If you are logged in, you won't have to do this.
  2. Select the receiver's username from the drop-down menu or type its Wallet ID. Note that the drop-down menu will only show if the setting "Assign wallets to customers" is enabled.
  3. Put the Points to transfer amount.
  4. Press the Transfer Points button.

If everything is correct, the points will be transferred immediately. Otherwise a message with the error will be displayed, for example that the amount of points is too big.

Adding Comments

You can let users add comments when they perform a transfer. To do so,

  • users_dropdown - Set "0" to disable dropdown and "1" to enable them.
  • comment_enable - Set "0" to disable comments and "1" to enable them.
  • comment_required - Set "0" for optional, "1" for required. Only works if comment_enable is enabled.

Example:  [transfer_wallet_points comment_enable="1" comment_required="0"]


Wallet Transfer form for logged in users

When you are logged in, it does not include the "From Wallet ID" field.

  • With dropdown menu (option "Assign wallets to customers" is enabled)
  • Without dropdown menu (option "Assign wallets to customers" is disabled)

Wallet Transfer form for guest users

Includes the "From Wallet ID" field

Successful transfer message

Mentions the amount of points transferred and the two related wallet IDs.

Error message caused by wallet not having enough points

Transfer Box With Message

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