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Business Page Shortcodes

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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code. Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use

What are Business Page Shortcodes

These shortcodes work only on business pages. They should be added in the page content and return text, image and information from the business of that page.


For example, the shortcode [cmbd_video] will return the name of the business.

Shortcode List

Below are the shortcodes allowed in the page. Some of them have illustrative images.

  • [cmbd_back_to_index_link] - Backlink to the directory
  • [cmbd_post_title] - Business title
  • [cmbd_image] - The logo
  • [cmbd_business_pitch] - Business pitch
  • [cmbd_location_top] - Location box. Learn more
  • [cmbd_location_side] - Location box from the side
  • [cmbd_categories_top] - Categories box from the top
  • [cmbd_categories_side] - Categories box on the side
  • [cmbd_tags_top] - Tag box from the top
  • [cmbd_tags_side] - Tag box from the side
  • [cmbd_custom_taxonomy_top] - Custom taxonomy box from the top Learn more
  • [cmbd_custom_taxonomy_side] - Custom taxonomy box from the side Learn more
  • [cmbd_google_map] - Location of the business on a Google Map. Learn more
  • [cmbd_video] - Video attached to the business
  • [cmbd_videos] - Remaining Videos
  • [cmbd_gallery] - Image gallery
  • [cmbd_year_founded] - Year the business was founded
  • [cmbd_phone] - Business phone
  • [cmbd_fax] - Business fax
  • [cmbd_email] - Business email
  • [cmbd_web_url] - Web URL
  • [cmbd_facebook] - Facebook link
  • [cmbd_twitter] - Twitter link
  • [cmbd_linkedin] - LinkedIn page link
  • [cmbd_youtube] - YouTube page link
  • [cmbd_rss] - RSS link
  • [cmbd_alexa] - Alexa ranking.
  • [cmbd_add_fields] - Additional fields. Learn more
  • [cmbd_add_links] - Additional links Learn more
  • [cmbd_create_date] - Date of creation of the business listing
  • [cmbd_update_date] - Update date

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