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To make your Q&A forum more popular and optimized for positioning on search engines, we have added some SEO features. Every thread page has a relevant title, meta description, and keywords tags. 

You can also add custom titles for the questions index page and additional descriptions, keywords, and more in the General Settings.

SEO Settings

The CM Answers plugin comes with a built-in mechanism for optimizing your website's SEO.
The admin can choose to enable the rewriting of meta tags. If enabled, CMA will add an extra meta-tag for the purpose of optimizing SEO. If disabled, then all of the following SEO features will also be disabled. 
Note: the meta tag rewrite uses the output buffering and may cause conflicts with some themes or plugins. If you notice any issues with the display of the CMA pages, try to turn this option off.

The admin can choose the text which appears on the browser's title bar on the Answers index page. The careful selection of text for the title bar allows for better search engine positioning. If blank, the default title will be used.

The admin can add a meta description for the index page, which allows for better search engine positioning. Choosing meta keywords also contributes to your site's search engine optimization.

The admin can choose to add a noindex meta to the non-canonical pages and to the contributor page. If enabled, the <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> tag will be added to these pages.

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