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The index page is the default page that hosts your Q&A forum. The administrator has a wide range of options available to customize the appearance and functionality of this index page.

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Answers PRO  Settings.

Click on Appearance tab.

Note: Pay attention to the plugin notes on the right side of the screen. These notes contain hints and information about each option you choose.

The admin can choose to display the number of questions for each category. 

Select a page template for the index page from among several options.

Choose whether to display the index page title at the top of the page.

Enter the number of questions you would like to appear on each page of the forum. 

The admin can choose how he would like to sort the questions.
The admin can add custom text to appear below the header of the index page.

The admin can choose whether the question form (where users ask questions) appears on the same page, or on a  separate page
If enabled, the question form will be displayed on the separate page, and the index page will display a link to that page instead.

You can choose to display question's description as full text, fragment, or not to display it at all.

Set the fragment length which will be displayed from the question's description (only if only fragment option is enabled).

Question List Settings

In the next section of the Appearance settings, you’ll be asked to select Yes or No to determine what information you would like to appear within the table of questions. 

  • Votes refer to the rating assigned to each question based on how users have voted for it. 
  • The numbers that will be displayed vertically refers to answers and views. If this option is disabled, these numbers will appear horizontally.
  • If enabled, the information about the author of a question will be displayed next to the title of the question. (This option is only available on the main Answers page).

There are additional settings for the questions list on the index page, including the following:

  • The author name can be displayed as a link to the author's page.
  • The admin can display information regarding updates for a question. For example, you can see the latest information about the author including the time and date of the last update and the author's name.
  • The Sticky questions background color refers to the color of the table in which the list of questions appears. You can write the color you would like to to choose, such as white, red, or lightblue. Or you can also use html format, such as #CCCCCC, #0000FF etc.

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