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Extras - Adding Disclaimer

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Note: This feature is relevant to GDPR compliance. Learn more: User Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

With the CM Answers plugin, you can easily include a disclaimer that asks users to agree to your terms when they visit your forum for the first time.

A forum disclaimer is a short text that states the terms and conditions for using your site’s forum. 

The admin can control the visibility and functionality of their WordPress forum disclaimer, and add the text of both the disclaimer itself and the accept/reject buttons. 

WordPress Forum Disclaimer Settings:

First, navigate to the General tab in the CM Answers plugin settings. Under the Disclaimer section you can find the following options:

  1. Select whether or not you want the disclaimer to be visible to forum first time users.enable or disable Forum Disclaimer for first time users
  2. Select whether or not you want the disclaimer to be shown when a user submits a question. Note: this option was introduced in version 4.6.3.
  3. Write and edit the text of your forum disclaimer, as appears in a text box shown below. This text can modified at any given time and as needed.enter Forum Disclaimer text- CM Answers plugin
  4. “Disclaimer accept button” and “disclaimer reject button” text boxes also allow Admin to write and edit the label appearing on each of these two buttons. These labels can also be modified at any given time, the options are found under the Labels tab:
    CM Answers Forum Disclaimer accept and reject buttons

What should I include in my WordPress forum disclaimer?

A forum disclaimer is a short text that states the terms and conditions for using your site’s forum. For example, many forum disclaimers ask their users to avoid posting messages that contain advertisements, or any sort of marketing content. Other forum disclaimers ask their users to write their posts in a respectful and non-offensive manner to avoid assaults. 

Since users must accept the WordPress forum disclaimer terms before they can post on your forum, it can be used as a binding legal virtue in cases of violation.

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