Appointments Booking - Setup Step 1- Create a Calendar

Setup Step 1 - Create a Calendar

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The first step in setting up the CM Booking Calendar Plugin is to create your first Calendar.

Navigate to CM Appointments Booking Pro → Calendars. The list of previously created calendars appears on the right. On the left is the Add New Calendar form.

Fill out all of the required fields for the Calendar:

  • Name: The name of the Calendar for the Front-end of the site
  • Slug: The URL friendly name for the Calendar (used for shortcode)
  • Description: The backend description of the calendar (use caution as some themes will display it on the front-end)
  • Notification email: The email for the manager of the Booking calendar who will receive notifications of Bookings made

Then set the final three settings before clicking the blue Add New Calendar button:

  • Events duration: Choose how long calendar events that may be booked may be. (e.g. 1h doctor visit, 3 hour walking tour etc)
  • Booking min ahead hours: The minimum amount of time ahead of which interested customers must book. Attempting to make an appointment sooner than this defined time will show the time slots as Blocked.
  • Booking Spots - How many spots each event has. You can choose to hide this information from your users in the General Settings.
  • Automatic booking: Checking this box will set each booking as accepted automatically meaning Bookings manager's approval is not required for new bookings.

When the Calendar has been successfully created it will appear at the top of the list of Calendars on the right. With a successfully created calendar the next step is to create a new form for customers to enter their details after selecting time slots on the calendar. To skip straight to the guide for creating a new form Click Here.

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