Appointments Booking - Setup Step 2 - Add Calendar to Website

Setup Step 2 - Add Calendar to Website

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Appointments Booking Initial Steps

Step 1- Create a Calendar | Step 2 - Add Calendar to Website | Step 3 - Modify the Form

To allow Site visitors to begin using the Booking Calendar it must be added to the Front-end of the site via shortcode.

Navigate to CM Appointments Booking Pro → Shortcodes.

There are two available shortcodes for this Plugin, the first code is the one we're interested in right now. For convenience here it is:

[cm_event_booking_calendar calendar="your_calendar_slug"]

Basic calendar shortcode parameters

There are many parameters for the Calendar shortcode. The most important are:

  • calendar (mandatory) - the slug of the calendar that you gave it when you created it. If you have forgotten the slug go to CM Appointments Booking Pro → Calendars. On the right hand side the existing calendars are displayed. The third column of the table displays the slug for each calendar.

  • min_date (optional) - the earliest date that can be used for making bookings
  • max_date (optional) - the latest date that can be chosen for making bookings

Copy the slug of the calendar that you would like to display and enter it into the shortcode. In our example we're going to use the Holiday Bookings calendar's slug:

[cm_event_booking_calendar calendar="holidays"]

Learn how to further customize the calendar shortcode: Appointments Booking - Shortcodes.

Adding the Calendar to a page

Navigate to a previously or newly created page or post where the calendar is to be shown to site viewers. Then Paste the shortcode into the Page or Post content.

It is advisable to switch to the plain text editor rather than using the visual editor before entering the shortcode. Posting it into the visual editor USUALLY works just fine but there have been cases of it resulting in Display issues.

More information about the Appointments Booking Plugin

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