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General Setup

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The initial setup settings can be found in Stores → Configuration → CMINDS → Product Review Coupon

Enabling or Disabling the Extension

In the General Settings section there is one option.

Enabled - Setting this to Yes will turn the extension on and setting it to No will turn the extension off.

Discount Setup

In the Generating discount settings the coupon that will be sent to the customer upon approval of their submitted review can be configured.

Apply type - The type of discount that is given with the coupon can be set to be either a percentage of the total in the cart or else a fixed amount in the currency of the store.

Amount - The flat amount or percentage of the total price that will be applied. Depending on the Apply type that was chosen.

Validity of The Coupon - How long the coupon code will remain valid for after it is issued.

Once the above settings have been configured Customers will begin receiving Review Request incentive emails. The received emails can be customized as well.

You can read more about customizing the request and notification emails or enabling admin new review emails in the following articles:

Modifying Email Templates :

Enabling Admin new review emails:

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