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The emails sent from the extension to the customer either asking them for a review or thanking them for their review can be modified through the extension settings. To do this, navigate to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS → Product Review Coupon, then scroll down to the appropriate section.

Review Request email

The Review request email is the first step in the incentive process. After a product is paid for paid for and Shipped the order status will change to Complete. When the order status has changed to complete the Review Request email will be triggered to send, either immediately or after the decided number of days.

Enabled - toggles whether Review Request email will send on and off.

Email Sender - specifies the email sender. This is selected from the stored emails in the admin panel.

Below these two options are the usual Email Subject and Email Body fields:

Delay Emails - the field below the Editor defines how long of a delay (in days) the extension will wait before sending the Review Request email. This is useful if shipping time is known to take a certain number of days and the site owner would prefer for customers to actually have gotten and used a product before being asked to review it.

Note, that the Delay time is the number of days after the Order status is changed to Complete.

Also note, that the default text asks the Customer to be logged in while submitting their review in order to receive a coupon. Should you rewrite the email template completely it is advisable to add this prompt.

Notification Email

When a customer has reacted to a Review Request favorably and has Submitted a review and the Admin has approved the review, the customer will receive another automated email notifying them of this. The email will also include their discount code and important information about the code.

Email Sender - Who the email is from. This is selected from the stored emails in the admin panel.

Below this are the Subject and Body fields:

Delay Emails - The amount of time in days after the approval of the review that passes before the Notification email is sent.

Preparing HTML Email Templates

Some Admins may prefer to prepare emails using HTML rather than the visual editor that is provided. 

In this case hide the editor by clicking on the Show / Hide Editor button.

A simplified Textbox will appear and here HTML can be entered or pasted in. Clicking the Show / Hide Editor button again will reopen the visual editor enabling you to view the effect of your changes.


Some shortcodes can be seen in the default text and also below the text editor. These shortcodes allow for more dynamic content to be used within the Subject or Body of the email.

The different shortcodes available for use and a short description of each is displayed below the text editor for both Templates.

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