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The  Product Review Coupon Extension for Magento ® allows the admin to send automatic product review incentive emails. Once a customer leaves a review and the admin approves, a unique coupon is sent to the user.

Admin can customize email templates, and schedule when the email should be sent.

Product Reviews Extension Features:

  • Review Incentive - Automated feedback requests to encourage product reviews
  • Email Templates - Create the email template for your product review incentives emails
  • Time Delay - Define number of days before product review incentive email is sent
  • HTML - Each notification has its own email template and supports HTML
  • Review Notifications - Receive admin notifications once a customer review is submitted
  • Admin Approval - Approve or dismiss customer reviews from appearing on your product page. Disapproved customer reviews will not be granted discount
  • Coupon Reports - Coupon usage reports
  • Review Reports - Product review reports
  • Shortcodes - Notifications can include several shortcode parameters, including customer name, prefix, etc.
  • Modify Templates - Enables admin to create/edit/delete notification templates

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