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Whenever a review is submitted via the Review Request Incentive extension the customer has to wait for the site Admin to approve the review before it is posted on the front-end of the site and before they can receive their discount code.

There are two main methods of Review Approval.

Email Notification method

The extension can be configured in the general settings to send a notification email to the Admin when a new review has been submitted.

To configure and enable this email, navigate to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS → Product Review Coupon.

Here toggle Enabled to 'Yes' and choose which Email Receiver is to be the recipient of the Notification emails from the emails stored in the Magento admin panel.

When the New Review Notification email is enabled, the Admin will receive an email whenever a new Review is submitted.

The email contains some basic details about the review, which product it related to, who it was from and a short summary of the review. Also included is a link to the review.

Clicking the link will bring the admin to the Edit Review page on the back-end of the site. It is here that the review can be changed to 'Approved' status and then saved.

Direct method

Should the Admin decide to disable the New Review Notification or to just to skip checking emails and to see whether there are reviews pending approval, they can be viewed directly through the admin panel.

Navigate to Marketing → User Content → ReviewsThis will open a view of all the existing reviews and display information about each review such as when it was created, it's status, it's title and so on.

Clicking Edit on the far right of a review's row will lead to the same Edit Review screen as before and the review status can be changed to approved in the same way.

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