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How to Limit Registration to Users With Invitation Codes

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A common use case would be to limit registration to users that have an invitation code. To implement such use case follow this steps.

  1. Create an Invitation Code
  2. Set Invitation Codes as Required
  3. Place Registration Form 

1) Create an Invitation Code

You can create a unique registration code that you send to your users like the below by visiting the plugin Invitation codes menu.

Tip: Bulk Invitations

If you have the Registration Bulk Email Invitation Add-on installed, you can also generate multiple invitations codes and send them directly to users by email. 

2) Set Invitation Codes as Required

In the plugin setting, make sure the registration form option is set as required like in the image below

3) Place your Registration Form

Your registration form will now have an invitation code field which will be obligatory.

You can place the registration form on your site using different methods:

  1. Registration Form shortcode
    [cmreg-registration-form] (learn more)
  2. Popup
    Under General settings (learn more)
  3. The regular WP registration page or a custom page
    Under Registration settings (learn more):

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