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Letting Users Create Codes

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You can let logged-in users create invitation codes. They will see the following form.

Showing The Form

This is done by applying the following shortcode to your site.


It displays the form that a user can utilize to invite his friends or just create the invitation codes.


  • expiration - set the invitation code's expiration date in format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS or give the time period as 30 days.
    You can  use the following English words: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.

  • userslimit - number of users that can use the invitation code.

  • verifyemail - one of: global, 1, 0. Whether to require a user registered with this code to verify his email address.

  • emailinput - 0 or 1 - whether to show the email address input field to send the invitation code to or not.

  • role - set a Wordpress role that a user registered with this invitation code will be assigned to. If empty then use the role from the plugin settings.

  • showparams - 0 or 1. Show the parameters that the invitation code will have.


[cmreg-create-invitation-code expiration="2 weeks" verifyemail=1]

[cmreg-create-invitation-code role=contributor userslimit=1]

[cmreg-create-invitation-code emailinput=1 showparams=1]

To see the full list of shortcode in the plugin check CM Registration (CMREG) - Shortcodes

More About Shortcodes

Shortcodes are simple codes contained within square brackets such as [example-shortcode].

Some have parameters, which can be written before closing the bracket, as in  [example-shortcode parameter="value"]

To learn about them, go to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to  CM Registration Pro → Shortcodes.  

More information about the CM Registration and Invitation Codes Bar WordPress  Plugin

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