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Adding Audio files to your Tooltip

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The eCommerce edition of the WordPress Glossary plugin allows you to incorporate an HTML5 audio player in the glossary term page and also inside the tooltip. Supported file types are mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav files.

The Tooltip AudioPlayer uses WordPress’s default player.

To add an audio file to any term, you need to edit the term page and insert the URL of the audio file. It is also possible to upload the audio files using “Add media” button and copy & paste their permalinks to the audio area in the term editing page as show below: 

Enabling The Tooltip AudioPlayer in the Plugin Settings

The audio player has two modes:

  • The limited mode will only show “PLAY/ PAUSE” buttons.
  • The full mode will also display a file name and other controls typical for the audio player

Audio player location can also be controlled in the plugin settings. Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce → Settings → Ecommerce Settings tab.

Ecommerce settings - WordPress as a Wiki
Ecommerce settings

Head to the Audio player settings section. The options are:

  • Display audio's icon in the index page - Select this option if you want to display an icon next to each term in the index page that has an audio attached to it.
  • Minimize audio player? - Select this option if you want to leave only "Play/Pause" for audio players.
  • Audio player location in the term page - Set the location of the audio player on the term page, above or below the content, or none at all.
  • Audio player location in the tooltip - Set the location of the audio player on the tooltip above the content, below the content, none at all, or in the title. (If you chose Tooltip title, the audio player will be minimized).
Audio player settings - WordPress Internal Linking Plugin
Audio player settings

Front-End Examples

Here is how the audio player is embedded inside the term page:

Example of the audio player on the term page - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin
Example of the audio player on the term page

Here is the audio-player as embedded inside the toltip:

Example of the audio player on the term tooltip - Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin
Example of the audio player on the term tooltip

Styling the Audio Player

The audio player options are limited within the plugin, because it's part of the WordPress core and doesn't have any options.

But it can be customized to suit your site with the CSS. Here's a link to a great article covering the styling of the audio player in WordPress.

Audio in the Index Page

Once a term has an associated audio file assigned to it, a tone icon will be shown next to it like in the screenshot below:

A tone icon for highlighting terms with audio - Glossary Plugin WordPress
A tone icon for highlighting terms with audio

It is possible to remove this sign which uses the following css.

label.cmtt-post-format-icon.cmtt-post-format-audio { display: none;}

Audio from Dropbox

In order to use the audio files stored on the Dropbox please follow this guide:

1) Go to the Dropbox generated page for the file. 

2) Right click the Audio Player in the middle of the screen and choose "Inspect Element".

3) Find the location of the <audio> HTML tag in the page source eg. (https://www.screencast.com/t/4AECjb9euCP).

4) Copy the value of the src attribute.

5) Add the:  &.mp3 at the end of the url.

6) Paste the link in the Audio Url metabox.

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