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Supplier Notification Settings

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Suppliers can be notified of New Orders and of Approval of their Orders by site admin. 

These notifications mean that vendors are always in the loop and can ship orders in a much more timely fashion. 

They can however opt to disable the notifications if they prefer to check their orders manually.

Configuring Supplier Notifications (admin side)

On the admin panel navigate to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS SUPPLIER PRODUCT UPLOADER → Configuration.

Scroll down to the Supplier Notifications section.

There are two notifications that can be configured here. Notifications for Product Approvals and Notifications for new Orders.

Product Approval Notifications

When a Supplier adds a new product to the store they can opt to receive emails informing them when the store admin has reviewed and approved the product. The Admin can also decide whether they want to send such a notification and if so can also customize the email that will send.

The email Title and Content can both include HTML for styling or adding links and images etc and the shortcodes provided below the Content text box can allow for some dynamic content to be included relating the the product being uploaded.

New Order Notifications

The administrator can choose whether or not suppliers receive new order email notifications, they can also choose whether or not suppliers can opt out of receiving such notifications.

As well as controlling whether or not notifications will be sent New order notifications can also be customized to the liking of the site admin. Again the notification email can include HTML and shortcodes for styling and the content and making it dynamic.

Configuring Supplier Notifications (supplier side)

To enable or disable these notifications, please go to Vendor Panel and then Settings → Notifications.

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