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Adjusting the Plugin Template

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When first installing the CM Answers plugin you can find the following option to adjust the plugin to your theme's look & feel.

Without Using a Shortcode

The plugin auto generates a questions list and a thread page for every question. The question list page can be displayed on the CMA default template or any of your theme template.

To select the page, please visit the Appearance tab found in the plugin settings. 

Under the index page section you can find a dropbox that will let you choose the template in which you can display the question list.

Under the  thread page section you can find a dropbox that will let you choose the template in which you can display individual questions.

Be aware that the CMA default template uses the CM Answers Sidebar container (found in the widget's area) and not the regular WordPress sidebar container, while the regular theme templates uses WordPress sidebar container.

Using a Shortcode

When using a shortcode you can adjust the shortcode you need based on your requirements and place it on any post or page.

You can use the [cma-index] shortcode or adjust your own shortcode using [cma-questions] with the relevant parameters. In both options you can choose Ajax=0 if you don't want to support ajax based interaction.

When using a shortcode, the sidebar used is the one which is relevant to your theme template and not the CM Answers Sidebar.

Read more about the shortcodes on this page

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