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Navigation Settings 

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Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Answers PRO → Settings.

Click on the  Appearance tab.

  • Show navigation bar on the question page - If disabled, the navigation bar will be not displayed on the single question page.
  • Category filters - Select which filter to use, or disable it.
  • Show breadcrumbs - If enabled, the breadcrumbs will be added above the title on the index page and the thread page.
  • Questions in subcategories - If enabled, users can only post questions directly under the subcategories.
  • Add a backlink parameter to URL - If enabled, the backlink parameter will be added to the thread's permalink to create backlinks. If disabled, plugin will use HTTP referrer instead. Using this might have negative impact on your site SEO.
  • Apply navbar filters instantly - If enabled, changing the navigation bar select-box filters will be automatically applied with the need to click on the submit button.
  • Search for users - If enabled, allows to search for users on question page.
  • Search questions by tags in the standard WP search - Select how to match search terms with questions.


Below are are example images of how the different settings can look on the front end.


Breadcrumbs with category

Navigation bar

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