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After installing the Add-On, a new tab will be seen at Admin Panel upper menu.

By navigating to  RMA → Settings, the admin will be able to set up certain settings related to the RMA requests, including managing statuses, types and reasons, as shown in the image bellow.

RMA Status

When clicking 'Manage Statuses', admin will see the customized RMA - Status list and the Add New button.

Note: the system provides as default status Open, Closed and Cancelled, therefore they don't appear on this list.

When adding a New Status, the admin can choose whether the status also closes RMA or not.

RMA Type

The admin can edit and create new title of RMA requests. 

Standard ones might be refunds, changing the size, or returning items.

RMA Reason

Here we can see the reason list created by the admin and these are all of the reasons that the customer can see why they would like to return, exchange, or get a refund for certain products.

The admin can easily edit any of these reasons and add new ones at any time.

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