Sales Rep Magento 2 - Configuration (Commission, Checkout, Reports, Email Report)


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The first thing to do after completing the installation is to set up the extension.

Log in as Admin and go to Stores → Configuration → CMINDS SALES REP → Configuration.

The Configuration panel has five sections: Module status, Commissions, Checkout, Report Defaults and Email Reports.

Module status

The admin can choose whether or not the module will be active. 


Default Status for New Orders • Unpaid
• Ineligible
When a new order is created, what should it be marked as?
“Ineligible” is mostly for companies where not every order earns a commission.
Commission status is separate from order status.
Default Sales Rep Commission % {Text Field} Choose what the default commission rate will be (individual reps’ rates and product rates can vary, this is just the default).
Default Manager Commission % {Text Field} What percentage should managers be paid?
Below you’ll specify in what the percentage will be based on.
Manager Commissions based on • Order Subtotal
• Employee Commission
Do you want your managers commission to be a percentage of the order subtotal, or of the employee commission?
For example, you can reward the manager with 1% of the order subtotal, or give him 10% of the commission earned by his employee
(if you rely heavily on product-specific rates, for example).


Select by URL parameter • Yes
• No
Selector will be available just for users with specific GET parameter
Display representative selector
at frontend checkout
• Yes
• No
Show a selector on the frontend? 
Uses the selection below to determine which names display.
Selector by URL parameter {Text Field} Define the GET parameter used for the option above.
For instance, if this field is selector, the URL should end with ?selector=any_value, as in
(the value of this parameter doesn't matter, so both any_value and enable will work)
Display representative selector
at backend (admin) checkout
• Yes
• No
When creating orders in the backend, should there be a selector?
This selector shows ALL usernames, regardless of which are shown on the frontend.
Header {Text Field} What should be the title of the heading at checkout?
Default text included.
Label {Text Field} How do you wish to explain the selection?
Default text included.
Error Message {Text Field} What error message is displayed when the customer does not make a selection?
Sales Representatives {Selection Field of Users} Use the Ctrl key to select multiple users to display on the frontend.
Those not selected will not be shown.

Report Defaults

Order Statuses • Complete
• On Hold
• Processing
• (other)
Which order statuses would you like to be shown by default when the report is generated?
Sales Rep. (List of your users) Which reps would you like to be shown by default when the report is generated?

Emails Reports

Send Report • Yes
• No
Admin can decide whether or not send email reports
Email Template • SalesRep Comission Report
Uses the default email template, which you can customize just like you would order emails.
The default template uses the same exact design as the backend report.
Send Reports To • Sales Rep & Manager
• Sales Rep, Manager & Admin
Who will receive reports?
Note that if you did not give non-admin users permissions to see others’ earnings or names above,
these columns will appear blank according to your selections.
Hour {Each hour of the day} Uses the time your server is set to
Minutes {15 Minutes Increments} Uses the time your server is set to
Frequency • Every Day
• Every Weekday
• Every Friday
• 15 th & Months end
• Months end
How frequently email reports are sent.
Month’s end is the last day of the month, be it 29 th, 30th, or 31st

Finally, remember to Save the Configuration!

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