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User Roles

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Our extension provides separated resources entries that allows you to create different roles and set a different set of permissions for each role depending on what their needs and abilities should be.

In order to do configure that, please go to System → User Roles.

You will be able to check the list of roles already created, or to create a new role.

When you click on a specific role, you will be able to edit the Role Info, Resources (permissions) and Users.

Setting Role Resources

It's easy to check and specify how each role (i.e. Sales Rep, Store Owner, Manager) will interact with the module.

These permissions should be fairly self-explanatory, and we recommend thinking about your business’ specific needs in order to design a custom permission-set for each role that suits your needs. 

However, in order to get you started, here are our suggested permissions. 

The admin should be able to see and modify every aspect of the module’s functionality.
The easiest way to do this is to assign “All” resource access in the drop-down.
However, if you have a partner, high level manager, or for some reason want to withhold certain permissions from an admin-level login, you can select “Custom” and select however many “All Users” checkboxes as you see fit.
Of course, having multiple levels of Admins is an option, as well.
Managers should be able to see and modify the orders of the people they manage, and also their own orders.
It’s up to you to decide if managers have the capability to modify commissions, commission rates, payment statuses, assigned sales representatives, depending on the level of trust you place in your managers.
Optionally, you can create multiple classes of managers, giving more permissions to some managers. 
Sales Reps should only be able to view commission details of their own orders, unless you wish for them to see the commissions of other reps as a motivational tactic.
Under almost no circumstances should they be able to update commissions, rates, or commission payment statuses, nor should they be able to change the assigned rep on an order.
It’s generally a good idea to allow reps to see who is the assigned rep on an order, though, for customer service efficiency.    

Defining Role Users

It's worth it to put in the time to think about what roles your reps, managers, and fellow admins should be able to fulfill in the order and commission process.

Finally, remember to 'Save Role'!


Also in the User Permissions area, it is possible to specify a few key user-specific settings. These include custom commission rates where applicable, as well as manager/employee relationships.

For that, please go to Settings → All Users and them click on the user name you wish to configure.

At the User Information panel, it is possible to verify and edit the User Info, User Role and Commission.

User Info

Here you can set the basic account information, such as name, email, interface local and status of the account.

User Role

In this tab you can easily assign a role for this user.


in this section you can set the custom commission rates (Manager and Sales Rep) for that user and select a manager for this user from the list of active users.

Commission Rate as
Sales Representative
{Text Field} Any values input (including 0) in the Commission fields will override the defaults you have set in the Configuration step.
If you leave these fields blank, the defaults will be used.
Commission Rate
as Manager
{Text Field} Any values input (including 0) in the Commission fields will override the defaults you have set in the Configuration step.
If you leave these fields blank, the defaults will be used.
Manager {Selection Field of Users} Here you are able to specify a manager who should be credited for this user's orders.
If this user does not have a manager or is himself a top-level manager, you should select “No Manager.”

For more detailed explanation, please read the italic text below each of the fields as shown below. 

Finally, remember to click the button ' Save User'!

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