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To access the list of all Orders placed on your website, please go to SALES → Orders.

Though information cannot be changed from the order grid directly, this offers a great “at-a-glance” perspective on how your team is performing in real time. 

Depending on the options you selected during configuration, your order grid may show different columns. 

Keep in mind that admins can see all information here, but depending on the Roles settings, other employees may not be able to see earnings or even names.

Order Page

When viewing a specific order, the information on the Sales Rep/ Manager commission is under the tab ' Commission'.

Depending on the user’s permissions, he or she will see:

  • Name of the sales representative assigned to the order 
  • Name of the manager assigned to the order
  • Commission Earned by the Sales Rep
  • Commission Earned by the Manager
  • Payment Status of the Sales Rep’s commission
  • Payment Status of the Manager’s commission
  • Dropdowns that allow admins to change the commission earner or payment status

Because different users may have different commission rates, the commission amount will be dynamically updated any time the commission earner is changed. 

Admins (or managers with appropriate permissions) can easily update commission payment status to reflect whether or not commissions are eligible or paid. 

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