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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Video Lesson Manager Pro → Settings.Click on the Payments tab.


Subscription plans for all channels

The following  prices are used only when the Single payment for all video contents payment is selected. After choosing it, you can define different subscription models that will work for all of your lessons and albums.

You set the time and the price. Available periods are: 

  • minutes
  • hours 
  • days
  • weeks
  • months 
  • years
  • lifetime - This option means that subscription will never expire. Note: you need to set "1" as a value in the field Time. This options was introduced in version 3.2.5.

To add new options, click on Add price.

The example below shows four possibilities.

Minutes of meeting

Note: this feature requires:

  • CM Video Lessons EDD Payments Add-on 3.3.0.
  • CM Appointments Booking 2.2.0.

The  Minutes of meeting feature is integration with the plugin CM Appointments Booking Pro. It allows you to sell Minutes of meeting (or Time Credits) for booking appointments. Learn more about Time Credits feature in this guide: Appointments Booking - Use Case - How to Set Up User Time Credit

  • Enable minutes of meeting - If enabled, the user will be able to purchase minutes of meeting (Time Credits).
  • Download/Product - Here you need to select EDD product. You need to create a product for this in advance. This product will be used for purchasing minutes of meeting (Time Credits).

Selling minutes of meeting is organized in two ways:


  1. This feature currently works only with EDD payment system. WooCommerce is not supported.
  2. You can learn more how to create an EDD product in this guide: EDD - Creating/editing a Payment Product (Advanced Method)
  3. To sell bundles of minutes, make sure that you've enabled the option Cart Item Quantities in EDD Settings. 

Remember to save! The subscriptions will be created only after saving this page.

Note that the interface is the same for EDD and WooCommerce.

More information about the CM Video Lessons Payments WordPress  Plugin

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