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Settings - Labels

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To change the labels for the add-on, navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Video Lesson Manager Pro  Settings.

Click on the Labels tab.

You will find the relevant labels under the Subscription and Payments headers.




TIP: Front-End Payment Box

These labels affect the front-end payment box

Notes on Placeholders

These labels use placeholders to show dynamic content.

What is "%s"?

%s will be replaced by the relevant content in that label.

As an example, "Back to %s" might become "Back to homepage"

What is "$%.2f"?

Since every subscription has its own price, the label must be able to fetch the value. Writing "$%.2f" does exactly this. If we consider a subscription costs $12.341, "$%.2f" will return "$12.34". 

The code can be customized. 

Case 1) I have experience with coding

Refer to PHP's  sprintf function manual or also test it live on PHP Sandbox.

Case 2) I don't have experience with coding

We can break it down to make it simpler to edit it:

The examples below use the $12.341 price.

  • $ - Is not actually a code: it will be shown as written, so it can be replaced. That allows you to change the currency easily: "%.2f ¥" will return "12.34 ¥", for instance. 
  • % - This is a variable and will be replaced with the actual price.
  • .2f - This section defines how many digits will be shown after the point. So, using "$%.1f" would return "$12.3", because 12.34 is rounded as 12.3.
  • Examples: 
    • "US$ %.2f" returns "US$ 12.34".
    • "%,.3fPLN" returns "12,341PLN".

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