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Charging for all Video Content

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How To Charge

There are basically two ways that you can charge your site users for video content.

  1. Multiple Subscriptions: Unique price for each Video | Lesson | Course
  2. SIngle Subscription: All video content has one price

In this user guide we will be looking at charging for all video content.

Adding Payments all video content

On the WordPress admin panel go to the Video Lessons Manager Configuration settings.

CM Video Lesson Manager Pro → Settings → Payments → Subscription plans for all channels

Set the amount of time that they will have access to your video content for, and how much they need to pay.

If you wish to add more than one subscription plan option click the Add price button.

To save your changes click the Save button.

More information about the CM Video Lessons Payments WordPress  Plugin

Other WordPress products can be found at CreativeMinds WordPress Store

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