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The CM Answers plugin supports private questions and answers.

Private Questions

How They Work

Private questions are sent between WordPress users via email.

What They Look Like

If you enable private questions, then the envelope icon will be displayed next to the user's name all over the CMA pages. If you click on it you'll be able to compose a private question to this user - it won't be a regular question as the other questions in CMA but it will be sent as an email message to this user's email address.

How To Enable Them

To enable private questions and answers, first navigate to the  Thread tab under plugin settings.

Next, scroll to the  Private Questions section. The admin can enable private questions between users via their WordPress user email accounts. The private questions will result in a private email thread between the two users and will not be posted to the WordPress thread. The admin can also customize the templates for the notification email subject and content with our supported shortcodes. 

The shortcodes are: [blogname], [username], [title], [question].

Private Answers

How They Work

Private answers can only be viewed by the author of the question thread.

What They Look Like

How To Enable Them

Under the  Answers section of the  Thread tab, the admin can enable private answers. 

The admin can also customize the background color of the private answers as it will appear on the frontend for the author of the thread.  No other user will be able to view this.

Marking an answer as private in the backend

Select Answers & Comments from the plugin menu. Select the answer you want to mark as private, and click on Mark as private:

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