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User Dashboard and Profile Page

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With the WordPress Questions and Answers users can view their user profiles, which contain all their posted questions and answers, and contribution statistics.

Likewise, when you click on the user who submitted the question or the answer, it will open a new page that contains additional information found in the user’s profile. 

Profile information includes all questions and answers submitted by the user and shows their Gravatar icon linked to their Gravatar profile (if one exists). 

If a user registered using his social profile, a link to his social profile will also appear on his profile page. 

Below: A profile page with the default settings:

Profile page - WordPress Question and Answer Plugin
Profile page

Controlling the User Profile URL

Under the plugin settings Appearance tab and Miscellaneous section you can find setting to control the URL of the user profile page.

  • User's profile custom URL - Enter the custom URL of the user's profile page, for example if you are using BuddyPress. Leave blank to use default CMA contributor's page.%s - user's nicename%d - user's ID Example:  /user/profile/%s (will give /user/profile/admin).
Setting up a custom URL for user's profile on the forum - WordPress Forum Plugin
Setting up a custom URL for user's profile on the forum

Adding a Sidebar widget to the Profile Page

You can add the CMA container to the profile page sidebar. To support this please go to the Appearance tab in the plugin settings and under the sidebar section find the following option.

  • Enable sidebar on the Contributor Profile page - This option is used only with the CMA default page template. It does not work with custom templates that may be included with your theme. If you don't see the sidebar on your CMA pages, try to change the page template in the appearance settings

This option will add any widgets in the CMA Sidebar found in WordPress widgets area to the profile page.

Plugin widget area - WordPress Discussion Forum
Plugin widget area

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