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Enable Users to Report Spam

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To adjust spam reporting settings, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Answers PRO →  Settings.

Click on Thread tab under the plugin settings.

Next, scroll down to the Spam Reporting section. The admin can opt to allow users to report spam for questions and answers, and even extend this permission to guests of the site (who may be anonymous contributors). 

The admin can enter an email address to receive notifications about spam reports, and construct the template for the title and content of these email notifications using our supported shortcodes.

  • Enable spam reporting for questions/answers
  • Allow guests to report a spam - If set to Yes then non-logged users also will can send a spam report.
  • Send spam report to an email address - Multiple addresses separate by comma.
  • Spam report email subject - You can use the following tokens: [blogname], [url], [title], [author], [content], [user], [datetime], [trash], [spam].
  • Spam report email template - You can use the following tokens: [blogname], [url], [title], [author], [content], [user], [datetime], [trash] [spam].

Below is a frontend example of the link that will appear that allows users to report questions and answers as spam.

Bad words

  • Enable bad words filter - If enabled, the question, answer or comment which includes a bad word won't be accepted.
  • Bad words list - Separate each bad word by new line. You can use regular expressions (compatible with preg_match() in PHP) by wrapping the expression by slashes, for example: /(bad )?words?/.

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