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The Pro version of the CM Answers plugin has several widget options which can be incorporated into any existing widget container area on your WordPress site! 

To enjoy the benefits of the these widgets, simply install the Pro version of our WordPress plugin and see how it works for you! After installing the pro version of CM Answers, you will find all of the widget options in the Widgets section of your admin dashboard:

The main advantage of these widgets is that they can appear consistently on the sidebar of all of your forum categories, question lists and answer lists, so that no matter where users are navigating to, they can always perform a new search and find what they need.

CMA Counters Widget

This widget allows you to display the stats for the number of questions, answers, comments, and users on your Q&A forum.

Below is an example of how the CMA Counters widget may appear. Note: Your WordPress theme will determine how the text appears.

CM Answers Login Widget

With this widget, users can login easily to the Q&A forum from a widget that can appear on any page of your website.

CMA Related Questions

This widget displays questions that are related by category or tags.

Tag Widget

This widget displays tags associated with posts on your forum. You can choose how many tags you want to appear in the widget.

CM Questions Widget

The CM Questions Widget is an ideal sidebar widget for your Q&A forum. The widget includes a search option, which sorts posts by many different filters, including popularity, category or sub-category and post author, and can limit the number of results that appear in the search output. All of the widget settings are shown below. 

Below is an example of the CM Questions widget, with basic settings and limiting the number of questions displayed to only one:

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