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Extras - File Attachments

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This feature is only available in the Pro edition.

Enable and Customize File Sharing

To enable file sharing, first navigate to the Thread settings tab:

Scroll down to the Attachments section. The admin can opt to allow file attachment in questions and/or answers, while limiting the attachment file types that are allowed and their maximum size in bytes. 

When enabled, users will be able to attach files to their questions and answers by browsing for files or by dragging and dropping the files in the question or answer form!

Embed Images and Videos

To allow users to embed images in their posts, first navigate to the Appearance tab under the plugin settings.

Under the Attachments section, you can choose whether or not to embed the images that users have attached. You can also limit the width or height of the image size in pixels. Alternatively, users can drag and drop images into the text editor to embed them automatically. 

Attached vs Embedded Files

How a regular attachment looks like.

How an embedded image looks like

Embedding Videos Inside Question/Answer

To embed a video, enter the YouTube or Vimeo video URL in brackets inside the question/answer. They must follow a strict format. Examples:

  • Vimeo []
  • YouTube [] or []

TIP: You Can Attach Both Video and Image

Multiple File Uploads

Below is an example of the user experience for file sharing on your Q&A forum. Users can upload multiple files at one time by browsing and selecting files, or dragging and dropping them in the form.

wordpress forum file sharing with CM Answers

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