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Admin Panel

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In order to manage all your cards please go to Sales → Manage Gift Cards in the Admin Panel. 

When you enter this section there will be a grid listing all existent gift cards, their number, balance, type, shipping status and order number. 

You can click an item to edit the details of the card. Here is where you can edit the balance of a card. Here you can also create multiple gift cards at the same time:

Test Card

The module adds a test card automatically and its details can be changed in the Admin Panel.

  • Test card number : 12341234
  • Starting balance: $500 

Store Side

Please navigate to (replace yoursite with the domain you installed this module on) to access the Gift Cards page.

The panel is divided into three sections: Buy Gift Card, Add to a Gift Card (Re-loading), and Check Your Balance:

  1. Buy a Gift Card: in this section the customer can buy new cards. They can either choose a physical card to be mailed to them or choose to buy a gift card to be sent to their email. If an email card is chosen, they will be required to enter an email address where the card will be sent. This can be any email address, even if its not the customers email that is checking out. This can be useful in sending gift cards to others. They then select the amount of the card and add it to the cart.
  2. Add to a Gift Card: This section is used for reloading a card. The user simply enters an existing card number with an amount to re-load with, then clicks add to cart. This maintains the card number associated with the cart item, so on a successful checkout the item amount will be added to the card. This will also let the user know if the card they enter is valid or not.
  3. Check Your Balance: This section is used for customers wanting to check the balance of their card. They simply enter their card number and click Check Balance. This will also let the user know if the card they enter is valid or not.

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