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Video Overview

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The Gift Card Extension for Magento® gives customers the ability to purchase gift cards, use gift cards as a payment method (full order or split payment), and add money to both electronic and physical gift cards.

Gift card SKUs, gift card email templates and card dollar values are all configurable using the gift car module, as well as a gift card shipping method for “gift card-only” shipments.

Gift Card Extension Features

  • Gift Card Accounts: Customers can access account to view voucher balance and add money to account
  • Check Gift Card Balance: Customers can check the balance remaining on their gift card
  • Purchase Gift Certificate: Purchase a gift certificate, specify electronic or physical, and choose from the preset amounts
  • Add Money to Gift Card: Customers enter a dollar amount to add to an existing gift card, which is billed to their credit card
  • Added Gift Voucher Payment Method: Gift card appears as a new payment method, allowing customers to pay with gift card on checkout
  • Split Payment Using Gift Card: Customers can pay for a part or all of an order using the gift card

The following video provides an overview of the Gift Card Extension for Magento®.

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