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To enable the Extension please fill the license field that you will find in  System → Configuration → CM Magento Extensions and click on "Save Config". 


Once the license is activated you may configure the extension on the Gift Card tab under System → Configuration → Sales

Amounts: define which gift cards the customer can buy in the store view (check the guide about it). The values should be separated with a comma. For example, if you allow cards to be bought for $15, $30, and $50, you should write 15,30,50. 

Transactional Email ID: the extension also creates a transactional email automatically, please go to  System → Transactional Emails to check its ID. The transactional email MUST contain the following variables for the new card number, gift message, and balance: {{var number}}, {{var msg}}, and {{var amount}}.

Outgoing Email and Name: specify the email address and name that will appear as sender of the gift card email.

The Gift Card extension automatically creates 3 (three) types of card products: mailable, printable and re-loadable.

The settings for each card product are shown in the table below:

Card Product Product Type Visibility Price Manage Stock?
Mailable Simple "Not visible Individually" Set to 0(zero)
Extension will set the price for the item
Printable Virtual "Not visible Individually" Set to 0(zero) No
Re-loadable Virtual "Not visible Individually" Set to 0(zero) No

Below there is an example of the SKU created after properly inputting the required information and saving the configuration.

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