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Download Page Customization

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The CM Download Manager plugin allows you to customize the look and feel of the download page. To start customizing the download page you can visit the Download Page tab in the plugin settings.

Or while visiting a download page, click on the Customize link:


Frontend Example

In the layout section you can define:   

Page template - choose which template should be used to display the download page. You can choose one of your theme templates or CMDM default template. 

When using CMDM default, the CMDM Download Page widget area will be used as a sidebar. When using your theme templates, your theme sidebar will be used.

Download button position - you can move the download button from being on the left side of the download page to being on top. This will narrow the width of the download page and make it more compact in term of view.

Use tabs - Once disabling the tabs the information in the download page will be displayed as boxes one of top of the other

Disable the download page - In case you want to use the download manager with shortcodes and do not need the download page created use this option.

Download Sections

This section control what information is visible on the download page. You can show or hide these below. Note that, disabling them will also hide them in the upload form.

  • Note
  • Description
  • Changelog - You can remove the changelog information from appearing on the download page. In you disable it the upload form will also not show it.
  • Installation - You can remove the installation information from appearing on the download page. In you disable it the upload form will also not show it.
  • Video tab - When uploading a video. You can choose to show the video tab as the default tab when visiting the download page.

Hide Icon on file list - If enabled, icon "Eyeball" into file's list is hidden.


The appearance section continues with additional features that can control what is shown and included in the download page 

  • Enable version parameter - You can prevent the version information from appearing on the download page. - If you disable it, the upload form will not show the version information either.
  • Enable admin and user history in one list - Enable download history lists.
  • Show "back to.." - On each download page, you can show a link back to the index page which included all downloads. -You can also control the label that appears on this link in the labels tab.
  • Enable tags -Enable identifying downloads by tags.
  • Enable rating - You can remove the rating information from appearing on the download page. 
  • Enable author - You can remove the author information from appearing on the download page. Author information includes the username of the user which uploaded the download. and a link to their profile page.
  • Show admin links on the index page - Show admin rights like unpublish, delete, or edit for each download on the download page.
  • Show downloads number - You can show the download number which is an internal number used by the plugin to identify the download. This is useful as a reference number to the download id.
  • Show views number - You can prevent the number of views information from appearing on the download page. 
  • Show report button - You can choose to show a "report spam" button on the download page. Controlling the label of this button can be done on the labels tab. This button can be shown to all users or only logged-in users.
  • Show only administrators in author filter list  - Enable this option to hide the download authors and only show administrators.
  • Parse shortcodes in the description -Enable this option if you want to use the WP shortcodes in the download's description. If disabled, the shortcodes won't be processed.
  • Shows tags list in the download item description -Enable this option if you want to see the tags implemented for the download. Disabled by default,
  • Shortcode whitelist -You can allow using only specific shortcodes (if parsing shortcodes option is enabled). Please enter only the shortcode names (without brackets) separated by a comma. Leave empty to allow using any shortcode.
  • Style for the front end - Choose one of the built-in styles to be applied for your download page. You can choose between the 2016 (default) and 2020 style versions.


Frontend Example

  • Enable screenshots - You can enable or disable showing screenshots on the top part of the download page. Once disabled they will not be available also in the upload section.
  • First screenshot as the featured image - When adding several screenshots on the upload page you can choose to set the first one as the featured image. This image will be shown when visiting the download page. This option also overrides the selection of the featured image which was made once uploading the screenshots.
  • Hide featured image - When adding several screenshots you can define which of the screenshots is the featured image. This option lets you hide this screenshot on the download page and only use it for example in the index page as the download icon.
  • Display category icon - Once creating categories for your downloads, you can upload a featured image for each category to be displayed on the index page and the download page. You can choose to display this icon in case no other thumbnail icon is defined for the download.
  • Enable slideshow - When uploading several screenshots you may choose to rotate them on the download page.
  • Enable Screenshots Autoplay - When enables the screenshots will rotate over and over again and will not be shown only once.
  • No screenshot default image - You can set the default image to be shown when no screenshot was uploaded for a specific download.

Preview and Player

Frontend Example

This section control the appearance of a preview option in the download page and also the selection of the audio player used when audio files are involved

  • Choose audio player - You can choose between different available audio players available. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and supported file formats. 
  • Preview support mode - This option is relevant for both PDF / XLS / DOC file and also for image files. It supports adding a preview option using Google docs preview for all documents. Make sure to enable the file preview for this document type in your .htaccess in case you have one. The option lets you enable this for all downloads or let the user who uploads the file decide. 
  • Player support mode - Support showing the audio player for music files on the download page. The option lets you enable this for all downloads or let the user who uploads the file decide. 
  • Mask URL address of the original file for preview and player - If enabled, the files for the preview will be served through the PHP script which will mask their actual source URL. If disabled the file will be served directly from HTTP server.

Custom Fields 

You can add two input fields to be shown both when uploading new downloads and also when displaying the download page. To enable the custom field please set the label for each field. If a label is not set, the custom field will not show.

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