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Using Shortcodes Instead of the Index and Download Pages

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Why Do It

By default, Download and File Manager Plugin provides an index page and a downloads page. You can disable them and create your own instead. This can be useful for users who would rather customize their interface.

To help you create your own solution, the plugin offers many shortcodes, including the "one download page shortcode", explained in detail below.

How To Do It

To manage which interface you are using, head to the plugin's settings → Index Page tab → Index page general settings

Here you choose whether the default index page will be used or not.

Disabling Index Page option - WP Download and File Manager
Disabling Index Page option

A similar option can be found in the Download Page tab:

Download Page settings - File Sharing Directory Plugin
Download Page settings

Now that both are disabled, you should present the downloads in another way, such as using the One Download Page shortcode.

The One Download Page Shortcode

The CMDM [cmdm-files-list] shortcode let the user create a one-page download list of all available. 

It displays a list of available downloads on a single page. It can replace the CMDM index page and also all the separate download pages. To use it, simply type it in any page or post.

Shortcode example: [CMDM-list count="5" category="cat-name" sort="desc"]

The parameters for this shortcode are:

  1. count="number" - The number of related downloads you would like to display.
  2. category="cat-name" - The category that you want the downloads to belong to.
  3. sort="desc|asc" - An option to sort the related downloads in ascending (oldest first) or descending (newest first) order.

Learn more about this shortcode in its dedicated guide.

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