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Add an Expert

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Expert Name

Enter an expert name in the provided box.

Expert Description

Write information about the expert in the provided boxes - Overview, Publications, Education and Experience. Add any media as well.

Up: Field for Expert Overview.

Up: Fields for Expert Publications, Education and Experience.

Expert Tags

Enter values in the box provided to add tags to the expert.

Expert Categories

Check the boxes to add categories to the expert listing. Same for Expertise, Service and Language.

Expert Page Owner Email

Enter an email for the owner of the expert page. This will also be used when the expert will be claimed by someone. If you don't have the owner's email, leave it empty. Once an email appears in this field, the expert is defined as claimed.

Expert Additional Fields

Enter the expert's job position and additional links (if fields provided).

You can also add additional links if you have defined them in the plugin settings. Additional links can be customized based on your needs.

Expert Image

Add an expert image. The image size must follow the defined size for the image which is 400 by 400 px. You can restrict the setting to only accept the defined image size and reject bigger images. 

Starting from version 1.6.6, you can also set it as the featured image. Optionally, you can set a different file as a featured image from the Featured Image metabox on the right panel. 

Promote Expert in Search Results

The Promoted option display the expert always at the top of every search results including on the related expert list. Check this if you want to highlight a certain expert.

Expert Picture Gallery 

You can add as many pictures as necessary (feature added in version 1.3.1)

Expert Videos

You can add as many videos as necessary (feature added in version 1.3.1)

Expert Address

Add an expert address for the expert listing and check the box to include the address on Google Maps. Setting the expert as virtual will hide both the map and the address option.

Notice - if you want the Google map to show in the expert page you need to enter the API keys

Expert Contact Information

Enter values in the boxes provided for Expert Contact Information. Any input field which will not have a value in it will not be shown on the expert page (also the label).

Expert Documents

Upload documents related to that specific expert.

Expert Additional Information 

You can also add additional custom fields if you have defined them in the plugin settings. Additional fields can be customized based on your needs.

Below: Additional Text Fields boxes.

At the end of writing a new Expert scroll to the top and click on the Publish button.

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