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Expert Page

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Expert Directory → Settings.

Click on the Expert Page tab.

Expert Page Defaults

  • Default country - Choose the country of the default expert location from the drop down menu. This is useful for cases in which you want to set the default country so users will not need to select the country once adding the expert address.
  • Show position with expert name - Displays the title just after the expert's name, as highlighted below. (Feature added in version 1.3.3)
  • Display last name first - For example "John R. Doe" would be listed as "Doe John R.".
    • Last name concatenation with comma - Separates the last name with a comma. "Doe, John R." Instead of Doe John R.". Only works if Display last name first is enabled.
  • Show a Google Map - Check yes or no to show the expert address on Google Maps. This indicate if Google maps will be show in the expert page. Per each expert page the user can still remove the map.
  • Show an Expert Address
  • Default template - Choose a default template from the drop down menu. It is possible to build additional templates and place them under the plugin folder frontend/templates as show in this image. After creating your own template and creating a directory for it, the directory name will appear in the dropbox selection. Each template needs to include several files and follow the directory structure as the default template.
  • Display expert picture - If enabled, the expert image will be displayed at the top of the Expert Page.
  • Display Expert Page publish date - Choose Yes if you want to display publish date of expert.
  • Display Expert Page update date - Choose Yes if you want to display update date of expert.
  • Show comments - Choose Yes if you want to display the default WordPress comments section for each Expert Page.
  • Show WordPress sidebar - Select yes to display the WP sidebar on every Expert page.
  • Show back to directory link - Check yes or no to display the back to directory index link at the top of the Expert Page. You can control the label associated with this link in the plugin settings.
  • Enable Lightbox - Turns on pop-ups for images and videos. (Feature added in versions 1.3.3)
  • Show expert e-mail address
  • Display Publications
  • Display Education
  • Display Experience
  • Display Documents
  • Display gender
  • Make phone number clickable - The HTML tag will be href="tel:"

Taxonomy Terms

  • Category list: Display Category terms list on Expert Page.
  • Expertise list: Display Expertise terms list on Expert Page.
  • Service list: Display Service terms list on Expert Page.
  • Language list: Display Language terms list on Expert Page.
  • Tag list: Display Tag terms list on Expert Page.

Related Experts

  • Show related experts: Check yes or no to show related experts on the Expert Page. The related expert widget will show at the bottom of the page. You can also control the number of related expert which will show and how they will be selected.
  • Related expert by category: Check yes or no to feature related experts by category on the Expert Page. Choosing the related expert by category means that only if the related experts are from the same category of the current expert which is show they will appear. if this option is not selected a random list of related experts will be shown.
  • Number of related experts: Choose the number of related experts to display on the Expert Page.

Expert Page Colors

  • Expert Page background color: Select background color for Expert Page main content section.
  • Information/Contact box background color: Choose the background color for the information/contactbox.
  • Information/Contact text color: Set color for text.
  • Information/Contact link color: Set color for links.
  • Information/Contact link on hover color: Set color for links on hover.

More information about the CM Expert Directory WordPress  Plugin

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