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Expert Directory Index Filters

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Expert Directory → Settings.

Click on the Expert Directory tab.


Head to the section Standard Filter Settings.

  • Display categories as: Choose style to display filter fields: Dropdown/Tags.
  • Choose select style: Choose the style of the select boxes: 
    • Normal - Default browser "select".
    • Custom - Customized "select" with improved UI.

      Note: this option was introduced in version 1.9.4.
  • Show search field: Display field to search Experts by keywords.
  • Only show items on search?:  Select this option if you want to display the items only after user enter a search term.
  • Ignore pagination on search?: Displays all items after performing a search, ignoring pagination
  • Search in tags: Should the search also be in tags or not.
  • Display filters one below each other: First, you can choose to display filters below each other.
  • Display Gender filter: If enabled, then gender filter will show on expert listing page.
  • Display Category filter: If enabled, then category filter will show on expert listing page.
  • Display Tag filter: Display field to filter Experts by Tags.
  • Display custom Taxonomy filters: Choose whether to display each of the five custom taxonomies.

TIP: Taxonomies

You can enable or disable taxonomies from the  Taxonomies tab.

Learn more: CM Expert Directory (CMED) - Additional Taxonomy (Labels, Expert Page, Index)

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