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Adding New Link

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If your menu is saved you can add links to your menu, in this case you have to click "Add Menu Link".

  1. Label: it’s the name of menu item that will be shown on frontend.
  2. URL Key: You have to remember that the key is everything after base url. For example, if you want to add a url which redirect you to a category of products and the whole URL for this category is “” you have to type only “category/products/productlist.html” to this field. By link you can also move to some part of the current page, for example to the paragraph in the long text using # tag.
  3. Position: this field allows you to manage the links order in your menu first on the list is 0, second is 1, third is 2, etc..
  4. Type: the last thing to choose, but it's not required, is display option which allows you to choose between showing the link after click in the same frame or in new browser window

After saving your link, it will be visible in the Link Management section where you can edit or remove it.

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