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Video Overview

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The CMS Menu Extension for Magento® allows you to add, edit, or remove navigation menus on CMS pages (static pages created from the Magento admin panel) in your online store.

Custom Menu Extension Features:
  • Multiple Navigation Menus: Add and edit multiple custom menus on CMS pages
  • Better Site Navigation: Link multiple pages and customize navigation menu labels
  • Menu Management: Manage CMS page navigation menus
  • Navigation Menu Content: Easily add multiple menu links to navigation menus
  • No Coding Required: Create custom menus without coding, perfect for non-developers
  • Navigation Menu Layouts: 4 options to locate the menu on a page: left vertical, right vertical, top horizontal, bottom horizontal
  • Easy to Use: Easily enable/disable navigation menus

The following video provides an overview of the CMS Menu Extension for Magento®.

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